What is Innovation HQ?


For regional New Zealand to fully embrace the potential of technology and innovation we need to work together—this is where Innovation HQ comes in.


The Story So Far ...

The concept for Innovation HQ came in 2019 from several Taranaki businesses (including Proformac Technologies, tech training academy Learner Me, and Chartered Accountants and business strategists Opportuna) sharing the vision of a cooperative platform to boost Taranaki’s technology economy and entreprenuerial ecosystem.


Together we asked, what if there was a hub in our region that would be the go-to destination for everything tech and innovation?

  • Want to launch a new app or website?

  • Want to kickstart a career in tech?

  • Want to collaborate on a new project?

  • Need your computer fixed?

  • Venturing out with a startup and needing support?

Innovation HQ is where you can go to make all these things happen.


It’s About Connecting Dots ...

The cooperative platform of Innovation HQ exists to bring Taranaki to do great things—for business incubation, growth through collaboration and inspiration, and a sharing of innovative mindsets and services.


We firmly believe that when we come together we are better. And, whether that togetherness is online or in-person, with our powers combined we can develop and do.


Develop and do, develop and do—that is our mantra. 


Who is Innovation HQ?

The businesses that make up the Innovation HQ whanau are:


Want to be involved?


Visit: Come on in and say hi at 127 Gill Street, New Plymouth (and Opportuna CA: Lower Level, 37 King Street, New Plymouth)


Do Business: Join the Start Up Incubator, take on a Pivot/Optimise Project, or become an Innovation HQ Partner.


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