Welcome to Innovation HQ

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

By Hayden Shearman

Welcome to Innovation HQ

Doing innovative business isn’t just about asking “how?”. It’s often more important to be asking “who?”. Who can help us with X? Who can we partner with for Y? Who would like to collaborate on Z? It’s this need for collaboration and connection that birthed the idea of Innovation HQ.

The concept for Innovation HQ came in 2019 from several Taranaki businesses (including Proformac Technologies, tech training academy Learner Me, and Chartered Accountants and business strategists Opportuna) sharing a vision of a cooperative platform to boost Taranaki’s technology economy and entreprenuerial ecosystem.

Together we asked, what if there was a hub in our region that would be the go-to destination for everything tech and innovation?

- Want to launch a new app or website?

- Want to collaborate on a new project?

- Want to kickstart a career in tech?

- Venturing out with a startup and needing support?

Innovation HQ has been formed as the hub for where you can go to make all these things happen.

We see this hub as taking several forms:

· A physical hub

· An online hub

· An ideas hub

Physical Hub: 127 Gill Street

Proformac Technologies and Learner Me are both housed at 127 Gill Street, New Plymouth (with Opportuna just down the road on King Street). So, we want to see this space at 127 Gill St become a physical destination for anyone with a tech need or innovative idea to come on down and connect with likeminded people.

As of late 2020, we’ve had major developments in our space with Learner Me taking over the Jaycar retail space to now house 50 computer learning stations, as well as meeting rooms, offices and the Proformac workshop and retail reception.

Come on in and check it out. We’d love to show you around!

Online Hub: innovationhq.co.nz

This site will function primarily as an inspiration hub with news, blogs and tips for how to use technology and innovative business practices to make a difference in your world.

We will also be sending out a monthly email newsletter with the highlights from the blog, as well as other news and happenings from around New Zealand.

Be sure to sign up and get your dose of innovation in your inbox!

Ideas Hub

More than just getting inspired, Innovation HQ is also about doing great things. So, if you have a business idea or a challenge you need conquered, there are multiple pathways to connect your business or organisation with the goings on at Innovation HQ:

· Start Up Incubator: This is ideal for new businesses looking for guidance, support and services to get them up to speed in the first 12 months of operation.

· Pivot or Optimise Projects: If you’re an established business but you’ve spotted an opportunity to pivot into or you need to optimise your systems, this fixed-term project allows you to lean on the expertise of the various Innovation HQ businesses.

· Partnership: This is for businesses who want to tap into the collaborative power of Innovation HQ for the long game, together strategising and activating to make your business epic!

With all these options are opportunities to fund services and support in innovative ways. These can be everything from accessing government grants to working out a share in equity/revenue that make sure your operation stays lean and agile. We want you to be able to tap into great support without a massive drain on your cashflow.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat through your business ideas and needs with a business coach today.