We're number 1!

New Zealand is number one for doing business

For the fourth year, New Zealand has been named the best place to do business in the world in 2020 according to The World Bank's Doing Business annual rankings.

The rankings compare 190 countries across metrics including the following (with NZ's ranking for that metric in brackets):

- Starting a business (1)

- Dealing with Construction Permits (7)

- Getting electricity (48)

- Registering property (2)

- Getting credit (1)

- Protecting minority investors (3)

- Paying taxes (9)

- Trading across borders (63)

- Enforcing contracts (23)

- Resolving insolvency (36)

As you can see, it's the "getting started" metrics like starting a business, getting credit and registering property that are easy in New Zealand. However, our isolation and strict border biosecurity rules make trade across borders less than ideal and tapping into reliable electricity for large scale manufacturing is also an issue when compared to other OECD countries.

Overall, it's encouraging for us as Kiwis to be reminded that we've got it pretty good when it comes to staying innovative and impacting our world through business. You can read more about the rankings here: https://www.doingbusiness.org/en/rankings

Speaking of doing business ... if you have a business idea or are just starting out or expanding and need a hand to get things rolling, give us a bell to chat about how the Innovation HQ businesses can help. This help be anything from branding to accounting, technology support to marketing, and business strategy to funding. Read more about what we do or flick us an email.

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash