Google Announces Project Starline

Over the past year of Covid-enforced remote working, we've all become familiar with Zoom meetings and video calls, but there's nothing quite like a face-to-face, in-person catch up. And this is a divide that Google's new development looks to bridge ...

In their press release on Wednesday 19 May 2021, Google said, "Imagine looking through a sort of magic window, and through that window, you see another person, life-size and in three dimensions. You can talk naturally, gesture and make eye contact."

The Project Starline technology has been used for sometime now internally at Google and applies "... research in computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio and real-time compression" and "a breakthrough light field display system that creates a sense of volume and depth that can be experienced without the need for additional glasses or headsets".

From the video (below) it looks pretty cool and realistic. It's not a hologram, but rather a more immersive interactive screen that does what seems like a solid job of convincing the brain you're right there in-person.

We're looking forward to seeing how Google plans to roll out this technology to the public and if any of their competitors have something similar in the works.

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